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Anna’s Ark is a dog paradise, nestled in the countryside, with rolling fields that go on forever. We strive to create a place of tranquility and peace, where dogs can relax and be true to their nature. A place where dreaming under a shady tree, running in an open field, or digging a hole is the norm. Anna’s Ark is designed to give dogs a place where normal dog behaviors are supported and freely expressed. Anna’s Ark offers an environment that supports and nurtures dogs. We strive to reduce stress, increase sociability, improve behaviors, and build mental strength. Our goal is to bring balance to your dog by fostering a loving and caring atmosphere to help your dog relax and thrive.

We are located just north of Blackie, a 30 min. drive south of the city. We have 6 acres of fenced-in areas for the dogs to run and play. A 3,600 sq. ft. dog house allows us to take shelter from the elements when needed.  Anna’s Ark offers private Certified Dog Training consultations, Animal Communication Sessions, Boarding, Board to Train programs, private and group Dog Walking, Reiki sessions, BodyWork, and Sound Bath Healing.

Anna’s Ark is owned and operated by Anna Paulson. Anna is a Certified Trainer, with 30 yrs of working with dogs of various temperaments, breeds, and behaviors. Her expertise spans private consultations, group classes, shelter work, boarding management, aggression treatments, group dog walking, animal communication, intuitive energy tracking, bodywork, behavior assessments, and board-to-train programs.



Be a Guardian, not an Owner….because animals are not mere commodities, property, or things.

Anna's Ark wants to promote a deeper level of fulfillment for you and your dog by expanding your relationship. We want to enhance your communication skills with your dog so that you can understand and move past problem behaviors.


Our goal is to expand your dog's understanding while adding to your training toolbox, different methods, and techniques to change behavior. After 30 years of training dogs, I can say that no two dogs are created the same. Having a variety of practical and solid solutions to change behaviors is advantageous for you the guardian, and less stressful for your dog.

Anna’s Ark looks at entirely of the dog from an energetic, physical, emotional, and mental to help propel your dog forward in their training. We do not practice or teach training methods that use force, intimidation, or threats.

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