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Dog Training

Our training sessions are specifically designed to meet your goals for your dog. All training is carried out using, force-free, positive non-aversive methods. Creative and caring techniques are instructed to foster change. We will develop a plan with strategies for the resolution of problematic behaviours. Anna’s Ark will help you to connect to your dog and gain the ability to communicate your needs while understanding your dog’s motives and desires. The goal is to develop a harmonious relationship. A healthy relationship is developed based on trust, patience, positive feedback and consistency.


Changing behaviours by introducing positive reinforcement creates trust and respect that clearly communicates to your dog your desires while motivating change. Guardians are taught superior techniques that enable you to understand and interrupt behaviour patterns prior to them becoming an issue. You will gain insight, working knowledge and understanding, aimed at developing predictable and reliable behaviour.

Multi-Dog Households


Each multiple dog household is different from the next. The dynamics of the group can present complex issues. Living with multiple pets in your home can be a challenge. We are experienced trainers that offer knowledgeable insights and practical handling expertise for multiple pets living together. We are able to ascertain the problems and offer the solutions needed to create harmony.

Starting at $95

Dog Walking

Group walking is a pleasant form of socialization and great exercise for your dog. Our walking adventures combine fun, exercise, and social time to tire out your dogs’ mind and body. Being off-leash is a privilege we take seriously. We work with dogs to teach them the proper skills to earn the privilege to be off-leash. We want our dogs to have strong skills in an off-leash environment so that they are ambassadors of the community. Our goal is to provide exercise and stimulation, teach manners and build up self-esteem. Dogs are very social by nature and look forward to seeing their friends, getting out, and playing. Who wouldn’t want a long day, broken up with some fun, sun, and a run! Dogs visit various parks and green spaces, enjoying nature and its offerings.


Private walks are offered for dogs or puppies that need a break during the day. These walks are reserved for dogs that do not tolerate other dogs, maybe unwell, old and/or restricted in movement, and of course young puppies. On-leash walks are carried out in your neighborhood and based on availability. Our walkers work hard to build skills with your dog to ensure walks are enjoyable and fun. All walks must be booked in advance and based on availability.

Starting at $23 per walk

* Please note that new clients are required to complete an intake form. Acceptance of dogs is based on availability and your dog's history. Click here to fill out the walking intake form


Dog Boarding

Anna’s Ark is the place to come to stay! Anna’s Ark is an open concept boarding facility where dogs are allowed to sleep, run and play together. The dogs all live and move together as one large family. They form a loosely designed unit that stays together in all circumstances. This enables them to form closely knit relationships to enhance social interactions. Dog behaviors are always monitored to ensure compatibility and cohesiveness. We specialize in group interactions and strive to build tolerance and acceptance.

First-time boarding dogs need to be interviewed prior to booking to ensure that they are able to enjoy this kind of lifestyle offered at Anna’s Ark. Dogs that visit Anna’s Ark have a profound shift in understanding and find balance that positively carries them forward for the rest of their lives.

Starting at $45 per day

* Please note that new clients are required to complete an intake form. Acceptance is based on availability and your dog's history. Click here to fill out the boarding intake form

Board to Train

Board-to-train programs are offered at Anna’s Ark. Each dog is assessed individually prior to booking. Foundation behaviors are trained to assist your dog in becoming a successful family member. Daily struggles can be resolved, with better behaviors put in place. Sessions in Animal Communication, Sound Therapy, and Energy work are combined with positive training methods.

Starting at $55 per day

Home Drop-In Pet Sitting

Anna's Ark offers convenient drop-in home visits for your beloved pets, taking care of all their needs while ensuring their comfort and well-being. We understand that separation can be stressful for pets, so we strive to maintain their routines in familiar surroundings, providing a stable and secure environment. In addition, we offer services such as collecting mail, performing home checks, and making your residence appear occupied. With full insurance and bonding, Anna's Ark prioritizes the safety of your pets and the security of your home, giving you peace of mind while you're away.

Starting at $25 per visit

Healing Sound Bath and Energy Work Session

Healing through sound and vibration has numerous benefits, including stress reduction, improved concentration, lowered blood pressure, enhanced immunity, increased life force energy, brain hemisphere synchronization, removal of mental and emotional negativity, and chakra balancing. Just like humans, dogs have their own unique vibration that affects their overall health and well-being. When their vibrational harmony is disrupted, it can potentially lead to illness. Stress and negativity can create energetic blockages in their systems. Dogs are energy beings, and they can absorb and be influenced by our own energy, making it easier for them to develop imbalances and lower energy disturbances.

Sound and vibration can be utilized to restore the flow of energy within their bodies. This process works on a cellular level, allowing energy to move freely and bringing them back into vibrational alignment and optimal health. Sound Healing, particularly with the use of singing bowls, can effectively address and release stress that may be stored within their bodies. By removing stress from their systems, we can restore balance, happiness, and overall well-being.

In conjunction with Intuitive Energy Tracking, Reiki, and Energy work, we can identify and release any stalled energy within your dog's body, promoting proper energy flow and restoring balance. Energy work serves two important purposes: preventing the manifestation of disease by addressing energetic imbalances early on, and resolving emotional conflicts that may arise in their daily lives. It is a non-invasive technique that facilitates positive change and invites greater balance for your dog.

Starting at $88 per session

Animal Communication Session

Curious what your pet is trying to say? Wonder no more! With intuitive abilities, I tap into your pet's thoughts, revealing underlying messages. Through Intuitive Energy Tracking, I gain insight into their needs. As an Animal Communicator, I interpret their messages and bring balance to your life. Pets have wisdom to share, offering life-altering guidance. I specialize in dogs and their unique souls.

Pets selflessly help us understand life's intricacies. They lift us up, providing support. I deepen your connection and awareness, benefiting from their teachings. By connecting with our pets, we find happiness and a greater sense of self.

I tune into your pet's energy, addressing concerns and stagnant energy. Through images, colors, thoughts, and feelings, I receive vital insights. We discuss your pet's happiness and needs, as well as any underlying issues they reflect.

For multiple animals, I specialize in group dynamics, fostering harmony. Together, we build a fantastic relationship based on trust, love, and understanding. As a Certified Dog Trainer, I offer solutions using intuition, Dog Communication, Essential Oils, Sound Therapy, Bodywork, and Reiki.

Starting at $80 per session

Animal Reiki Session

When energy becomes stagnant in the body, it can manifest as disease, leading to the development of various ailments over time. Just like humans, animals can experience energetic disruptions that can affect their health. Reiki effectively addresses these imbalances by releasing stagnant energy, alleviating pain, reducing stress, enhancing appetite, resolving emotional attachments, and facilitating the healing process. Significantly, Reiki achieves these outcomes in animals without invasive procedures or any adverse side effects. It is non-invasive, has no side effects, and complements other healing modalities.

$70 per session

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