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Dog Training

Our training sessions are specifically designed to meet your goals for your dog. All training is carried out using, force-free, positive non-aversive methods. Creative and caring techniques are instructed to foster change. We will develop a plan with strategies for the resolution of problematic behaviours. Anna’s Ark will help you to connect to your dog and gain the ability to communicate your needs while understanding your dog’s motives and desires. The goal is to develop a harmonious relationship. A healthy relationship is developed based on trust, patience, positive feedback and consistency.


Changing behaviours by introducing positive reinforcement creates trust and respect that clearly communicates to your dog your desires while motivating change. Guardians are taught superior techniques that enable you to understand and interrupt behaviour patterns prior to them becoming an issue. You will gain insight, working knowledge and understanding, aimed at developing predictable and reliable behaviour.

Multi-Dog Households


Each multiple dog household is different from the next. The dynamics of the group can present complex issues. Living with multiple pets in your home can be a challenge. We are experienced trainers that offer knowledgeable insights and practical handling expertise for multiple pets living together. We are able to ascertain the problems and offer the solutions needed to create harmony.

Starting at $95

Dog Walking

Group walking is a pleasant form of socialization and great exercise for your dog. Our walking adventures combine fun, exercise, and social time to tire out your dogs’ mind and body. Being off-leash is a privilege we take seriously. We work with dogs to teach them the proper skills to earn the privilege to be off-leash. We want our dogs to have strong skills in an off-leash environment so that they are ambassadors of the community. Our goal is to provide exercise and stimulation, teach manners and build up self-esteem. Dogs are very social by nature and look forward to seeing their friends, getting out, and playing. Who wouldn’t want a long day, broken up with some fun, sun, and a run! Dogs visit various parks and green spaces, enjoying nature and its offerings.


Private walks are offered for dogs or puppies that need a break during the day. These walks are reserved for dogs that do not tolerate other dogs, maybe unwell, old and/or restricted in movement, and of course young puppies. On-leash walks are carried out in your neighborhood and based on availability. Our walkers work hard to build skills with your dog to ensure walks are enjoyable and fun. All walks must be booked in advance and based on availability.

Starting at $23 per walk

Home Drop-In Pet Sitting

Anna’s Ark provides drop-in-home visits for your pets. We take care of all your pets’ needs when we visit. Stress can play a huge role in your pet’s life when you go away. Allowing your pets to continue with their routines in familiar surroundings, will help your pet to be comfortable, making sure your pet’s environment is stable and safe. We will take in your mail, do a home check, and aid in making your home look lived in. Anna’s Ark is insured and bonded.

Starting at $25 per visit

Dog Boarding

Anna’s Ark is the place to come to stay! Anna’s Ark is an open concept boarding facility where dogs are allowed to sleep, run and play together. The dogs all live and move together as one large family. They form a loosely designed unit that stays together in all circumstances. This enables them to form closely knit relationships to enhance social interactions. Dog behaviors are always monitored to ensure compatibility and cohesiveness. We specialize in group interactions and strive to build tolerance and acceptance.

First-time boarding dogs need to be interviewed prior to booking to ensure that they are able to enjoy this kind of lifestyle offered at Anna’s Ark. Dogs that visit Anna’s Ark have a profound shift in understanding and find balance that positively carries them forward for the rest of their lives.

Starting at $45 per day

Board to Train

Board-to-train programs are offered at Anna’s Ark. Each dog is assessed individually prior to booking. Foundation behaviors are trained to assist your dog in becoming a successful family member. Daily struggles can be resolved, with better behaviors put in place. Sessions in Animal Communication, Sound Therapy, and Energy work are combined with positive training methods.

Starting at $55 per day

Animal Communication Session

Ever wonder what your pet is trying to tell you? Wonder no more! I am able to tap into your pet’s thoughts. Together we are able to go deeper to bring underlying messages to the surface. There are so many things our pets need to communicate with us. I offer Intuitive Energy Tracking to gain insight into their thoughts. Our pets are in a position to reflect messages to their guardians. They do this by presenting you with behaviours. As an Animal Communicator, I’m here to help you interpret their messages. They wish to have you balanced and in a better headspace. They want to relay to you just how wonderful life really is. The gifts they offer can be life-altering and so meaningful. As an Animal Communicator, I’ve been given a deeper insight and understanding into the animal kingdom. I am especially connected to dogs as we share our lives daily. I am passionate about DOG.


They are such unique individuals and have the most beautiful souls. Their mission to help us reach a deeper understanding of life intricacies is such a selfless task. Humorous really, considering that they can be so self-serving in the best of times. Yet they always turn outwards towards us, reaching into our souls to pull us up. My wish is to deepen your heart connection and awareness. Their wisdom and guidance are there for the offering if only we would take notice. Their appreciation for us has so many layers. Their desire for us is that we will wake up from our deep thinking ways and live life with joy and connectedness to the earth. They wish to bring awareness to our lives. There is so much to learn, so many teachings that will serve us in living greater lives. Happiness and a sense of self can be achieved by being more connected. We need to connect to our pets more than ever!


How exactly does this work? I’m able to tune into your pet's energy. Through this, I am able to see problems, concerns in your pets’ bodies, stalled energy that may be creating problems. I’m open to messages projected to me by your pet from their energies and emotions. I’m supplied with pictures, colours, thoughts and feelings. I’m given insight into things that are important for your pet. Things that may be pertinent to happiness or wellbeing. Perhaps a need that is not being recognized or honoured. Pets often reflect our own issues that may be bubbling under the surface. Prepare to dialogue about all things related to your pet about what’s really going on!


Got more than one animal? Perfect! I specialize in group dynamics and am able to offer you the necessary insight needed to have a harmonious multi-animal household. I will work with you to develop a fantastic relationship with your pet(s).A relationship based on trust, love and deeper understanding. Our private sessions are a highly effective way to get you the knowledge you need to change problematic behaviour. I am a Certified Dog Trainer offering solutions and insights using Intuition Energy Tracking, Dog Communication, Essential Oils, Sound Therapy, Bodywork and Reiki. I’d love to help you. I am in gratitude that you are aware that there is more. I am thankful that you want to become a better guardian by recognizing there is deeper wisdom being presented. Know that your pet will be ecstatic to be heard. I look forward to scheduling a consultation with you and the wonderful being you share your life with.

Starting at $80 per session

Healing Sound Bath and Energy Work Session

Healing through sound and vibration is known to reduce stress, improve concentration, lower blood pressure improve immunity, stimulate life force energy, synchronize the brain hemispheres, remove mental and emotional negativity and balance the chakras. Everyone has a vibration that is a signature of their health and well-being. Your dog is no exception. Your dog’s vibration controls the processes that run their physical bodies as well as their emotional, mental, and energetic bodies. When their vibration harmonies are out of tune, they can potentially develop an illness. Stress and negativity create blockages in their energetic systems. Our dogs are energy beings. They not only carry their energy but will pick up our energy. So it can be easy for them to develop lower energy disturbances and become unbalanced.


Sound and vibration can be used to reestablish the flow of energy. The body is affected on a cellular level, opening up the flow of energy to move them back toward vibrational alignment and health. Sound Healing is beneficial in getting to stress being housed in our body. Removing stress in our dogs’ bodies brings balance, happiness, and better health. Using singing bowls we are able to work on the energy system of your dog to create flowing energy and restore balance.


Combined with Intuitive Energy Tracking, Reiki, and Energy work we are to locate stalled energy in the body of your dog and move it out, establishing proper energy flow to restore balance. Energy work is important in two ways, one to remove the disease prior to it becoming a disease, and the second to help resolve emotions that cause daily conflicts. It is a non-evasive technique to promote change and invite balance for your dog.

Starting at $88 per session

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