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There's this magical thing called dog talk.

When you are able to listen and communicate with a dog, your world changes for the better! For the lucky dogs that cross our path, We feel blessed to have heard, helped, and understood you. The opportunity to change your dog’s journey opens my heart to the unlimited possibilities of life.  We spend the time to get to know each distinctive personality and discover what your dog’s needs are and how to make them comfortable, confident, and loved.

Our goal here is simple, to help your dog find balance. Our programs are tailor-made specifically for you to change your dog’s behaviors.  We want you to form a strong bond, based on trust and understanding.



Anna Paulson is a Certified Trainer, with 30 years of working with dogs of various temperaments, breeds, and behaviors. Her expertise spans from private consultations, group classes, shelter work, boarding management, aggression treatments, group dog walking, animal communication, intuitive energy tracking, bodywork, sound bath healing, behavior assessments, and board-to-train programs.


Anna is an excellent trainer. I can’t believe how knowledgeable she was about dogs. We had been to different trainers but were not able to find the help we all needed. Her training expertise and insights blew our minds! She was able to quickly figure out what our dogs’ problems were and give us advice on how we could help them navigate this crazy world! Finally the answers we were desperately searching for! I highly recommend her!

Robert S.

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